Cake and Cupcake Flavours

All our cakes are baked to order, from scratch, using the finest ingredients and homemdade jams and curds. 

Our cakes each have 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling. Having a tiered cake? Pick a different flavour for each tier at no extra cost!

Underneath the fondant is a layer of chocolate ganache for a delicious taste and a beautiful finish.

Cake Flavours


A decadent chocolate cake soaked with Bailey's Irish cream and Bailey's buttercream. (Contains alcohol).


Light banana sponge filled with a caramel buttercream and a chocolate buttercream.

Black Forest

Rich chocolate sponge, layered with vanilla bean buttercream and homemade cherry jam.

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble

Chocolate and vanilla sponge, swirled together to make a marble effect. Filled with a rich chocolate buttercream.

Rich Chocolate

Delectable, moist chocolate cake filled either with chocolate buttercream or chocolate fudge.

Cherry Bakewell

Light almond sponge filled with vanilla bean buttercream and homemade cherry jam.

Classic Vanilla

A fluffy vanilla bean sponge, layered with vanilla bean buttercream and homemade raspberry or strawberry jam.

Coconut and Lime

A light and fluffy coconut sponge, layered with a zesty lime buttercream and homemade lime curd.


Coffee sponge (available with or without walnuts) and layered with a coffee buttercream made with freshly brewed Italian Lavazza espresso.

Fruit Cake 

A rich, moist cake soaked in brandy. (An extra charge applies to this flavour. Contains alcohol).

Jaffa Cake

A vanilla bean sponge, filled with a homemade orange curd and chocolate buttercream.

Zesty Lemon

A zingy lemon sponge, soaked in a lemon syrup and layered with a zesty lemon buttercream and homemade lemon curd.

Oreo Cookies

A rich chocolate sponge with Oreo cookie pieces, layered with vanilla bean buttercream and crushed Oreo's.

Peanut Buttercup

Chocolate sponge with a smooth peanut butter buttercream.

Red Velvet

A red coloured cake with a hint of chocolate and filled with a vanilla bean buttercream.

Salted Caramel

Chocolate sponge filled with a salted caramel buttercream.

Spiced Carrot and Orange

A moist cake with spices, orange zest and the option of walnuts. Filled with a zesty orange buttercream.


Espresso infused vanilla sponge with a Kahlua and a chocolate buttercream filling. (Contains alcohol)

Turkish Delight

A vanilla sponge tinted pink with a rose flavoured buttercream.

White Chocolate and Raspberry

A fluffy vanilla bean sponge, layered with a white chocolate ganache and homemade raspberry jam.

Cupcake Flavours

Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, chocolate orange, Oreo cookies, salted caramel, spiced carrot and orange, funfetti, chocolate mint, white chocolate and raspberry, coffee, chocolate mint.